Today is Monk time: MiXMONK’s first studio album completed; scheduled for release early 2019.

October 10, 2018

Last week Joey Baron, Bram De Looze and Robin Verheyen took 4 days out of their busy schedules to rehearse and record the first album by their co-operative band MiXMONK. The trio came about when Verheyen was commissioned by Bozar in Brussels to do ‘something’ for Monk’s birthday centennial in October 2017 and he and Bram De Looze simultaneously came up with the idea to expand their existing duo by adding Joey Baron.

The one Bozar concert turned into a 10 day club tour by the end of which nobody wanted to stop. The band members point out that MiXMONK is by no means ‘inclined to do so called tributes’ or ‘hommages’ and ‘definitely not into historically correct reconstruction’.  According to them they ‘just love Monk and like to play some of his tunes our way’ and ‘have fun mixing them up with a couple of originals of our own’.

The record is slated for release in February 2019, to be followed by European tours in the spring and late fall of the same year.