Opportunities #1: how one gig became 3 months in Europe.

October 1, 2020

Time to post after a far too long Covid-silence. With difficult times come also opportunities. Having been invited for one single limited capacity date in Europe and forced into a 2 week quarantine before playing that date, one thing seemed to lead to another.  Many thanks to the city of Antwerp for putting me up in an artist-in-residence place, giving me all the space and time I needed to step up my solo practice Рmore about this later- leading into a first solo date at sunrise (6:30 am!) at the intimate Wonderland festival in Gent. Over the next few weeks I was happy to respond to short notice offers to rejoin  Tom Barman and my other TaxiWars friends, then Bram De Looze for a duo at Jazz Middelheim 1.5 and a few exciting MiXMONK dates with Bram and Joey Baron. Lots of time off came in handy to assure the release of The Bach Riddles and the release tour are effectively on for January, and to finalize mixing and mastering of the Madonna recording with Marc Copland and the wonderful Goeyvaerts String Trio. This one was inspired by the famous Madonna painting by Fouquet, from the collection of KMSKA (Royal Museum of Fine Arts) in Antwerp were Goeyvaerts and I are among the artists in residence.